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The Freedom Course

Are you on the verge of break down, break up or break through?



We can’t tell you how often we talk to kind, caring and passionate women who struggle with deep fears and frustration that are sabotaging the very lives they have prayed for. Their days being driven by their trauma and triggers. They can’t stop the noisy fear based thoughts in their heads and feel like they are crazy. 


Can you relate?


 If so, The Freedom course  is what you’ve been waiting for. In this 6 week program, we will help you go from stuck in fear and overwhelm to feeling unshakable in faith and intuition. 

Did you know that your fear, overwhelm, anger and frustration are more than emotions? 
Let me guess...
 You think you can will yourself out of negative thoughts? 

Laying Down

"I just want to feel happy"

To mask the unhappiness shopping, alcohol, fixing other people's problems becomes a way to numb out. 

All you want is to enjoy your life. You've worked hard and have been blessed with many answered miracles.


You  want to be "happy,"


Stop fighting with your partner


Stop yelling at your kids


Have the energy to enjoy your day


Stop personalizing the dishes not being done or your co-workers' inability to do their share. 


So far,​


You've tried reading all the self-help books. They resonate so deeply and feel so inspired until the triggers rear their ugly heads.


You've tried cleanses, anti-depressants. The doc says your hormones are 'fine' But you don't feel fine, and you are secretly afraid nothing ever will be.


The days and nights will tick away, and there will be another failed relationship.


Kids will be from a 'broken home.'


You will quit the job in a fury and end up in another job you hate.

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Your dream is to have the clouds in your mind part

To have clarity, to have the energy to follow divinely inspired action.


Take action that is in total alignment with your faith, not your fears.


You want to live in truth, ask for what you need in a way that can be heard and understood.


You want to have the things that once triggered you to heal up like a wound that can barely be seen anymore.


To feel free.


Freedom from yourself because deep down, you know it is you getting in the way of it all. 

Dancing in Park

This work is urgent because the planet needs women fully embodied in their power

There is no more time for the hamster wheel of self-sabotage. It is time to step into the most authentic version of yourself. A space where you are no longer locked into a loop of time of trauma that no longer exists. Women build our society. 


We serve the whole woman, the good, the bad, and the ugly through all seasons of life. There is zero shame around where you are at. We support women on their physical, spiritual, and emotional journey to FREEDOM.

It is our desire to reignite the light that has dimmed inside of you, so we can shine as a collective. 

Korrin and Dr. Quinn have been working in this space for over a decade. They have helped so many women come home to themselves. Dr. Quinn is an OBYN, functional medicine doctor, kundalini yoga teacher, and mother to four amazing women. Korrin is her oldest daughter.


She has been a health/life coach for 12 years, plant-based chef, kundalini yoga, and meditation teacher. She is also a mother of five.


Together they fuse an eastern and western approach, with common sense and humor to navigate the intricate world of a women's life and healing. 

The magic we weave together. 


Emotions and hormones are intricately linked and while it is unlikely that you can fully control your emotions by controlling your hormones, it is possible to influence the production of “happy” hormones like dopamine and serotonin by maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle that will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

The moon & You

When we are in tune with the energy of the moon  we feel more connection to ourselves and in our relationships. Better understanding = greater capacity for compassion for ourselves and others. Tracking our cycles with the moon shines light on how can live our lives with more grace and ease. 

Yoga& meditation

Develop deep awareness around your life long held patterns and change them. This is where we can clear old stories, and grow into the woman we are meant to be. Without the alignment of our highest self we get knocked around by life 


Every time we eat we are contributing to our feeling balanced and ready for the day or spaced out and running around in circles. We need to feel empowered by our food choices and be able to eat intuitively. 

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” - Toni Morrison

  • A self-guided journey to support you in becoming FREE

  • A 90-minute masterclass led by Dr. Linda Quinn and Korrin Rogers on how to ride the tides of your hormonal health and thrive vs. survive your period, perimenopause, and menopause.

  • Weekly 90-minute Zoom group coaching calls. (these are recorded if you can't attend live) where you receive coaching with us, diving deep into the four pillars of freedom. 

  • Weekly emails with notes from our calls, in depth outline of the upcoming content.

  • Private peer support community on Facebook! 


The time is now. 

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