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How about this your body

What do diet trends and Netflix have in common? Too many options. Back in the day were as loyal as our options.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great resources out there about diet, but the idea that we need someone else to tell us how to eat is absurd.


If you think of all the magnificent things your body does without telling it to do, like your lungs breathing, your heart pumping, your womb creating life, what makes you think it doesn't know what it needs to eat? Grabbing food that we know isn't aligned with our health goals is a way to do a little investigating. Craving certain foods can signal vitamin/mineral deficiencies or a coping mechanism for stress.


I know it can be more complicated than "eat what you want." Food is a big topic, but let's start here.


Put the books down for one week and eat what you want —whatever sounds good and feels good at that moment. No rules, no restrictions (obviously, I'm not talking about life-threatening allergies). See what happens. You could keep a journal as a way to uncover the patterns that you unknowingly be pushing up against.


And don't forget to give thanks for the food and the blessing of having access to it. You will digest it differently.

More on that later

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