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This group program is for women on the verge of a break-up, break-down, break-through who struggle with frustration, fear, and self-sabotage. They are kind, caring, passionate women who are spiritual, but despite their faith, they fall prey to the noisy fear-based thoughts in their heads. They have a hard time communicating what they want and how they feel and seem "crazy" for being unhappy. They lean on alcohol, shopping, or fixing other people's problems to take their minds off the roller coaster of emotions. 


All they want is to enjoy their lives. They've worked hard and have been blessed with many answered miracles. They want to be "happy," Stop fighting with their partners, stop yelling at their kids, have the energy to get the day, and stop personalizing the dishes not being done or their co-workers' inability to do their share. 


The Freedom

So far, they have tried reading all the self-help books. They resonate so deeply and feel so inspired until the triggers rear their ugly heads.

They have tried cleanses, anti-depressants. The doc says their hormones are fine. But they don't feel fine, and they are secretly afraid nothing ever will be. The days and nights will tick away, and there will be another failed relationship. Kids will be from a 'broken home.' They will quit their job in a fury and end up in another job they hate.


Their dream is to feel the clouds in their mind part. To have clarity, to have the energy to follow divinely inspired action. Action taken that is in total alignment with their faith, not their fears. They want to live in their truth, ask for what they need in a way that can be heard and understood. They want to have the things that once triggered them to heal up like a wound they can barely see anymore. To feel free. Freedom from themselves because deep down, they know it is themselves getting in the way of it all. 


Doing this work is urgent because the planet needs women fully embodied in their power. There is no more time for the hamster wheel of self-sabotage. It is time to step into the most authentic version of yourself. They are no longer locked into a loop of time of trauma that no longer exists. Women build our society. 


We serve the whole woman, the good, the bad, and the ugly through all seasons of life. There is zero shame around where you are at. We support women on their physical, spiritual, and emotional journey to FREEDOM.


The time is NOW. Space is limited to 10 women per session. This program is personal and vulnerable work. We use this container to heal and create a community for deep healing to occur.  

Korrin and Dr. Quinn have been working in this space for over a decade. They have helped so many women come home to themselves. Dr. Quinn is an OBYN, functional medicine doctor, kundalini yoga teacher, and mother to four amazing women. Korrin is her oldest daughter. She has been a health/life coach for 12 years, plant-based chef, kundalini yoga, and meditation teacher. Together they fuse an eastern and western approach, with common sense and humor to navigate the intricate world of a women's life. 

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